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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  December 15, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>> our top story this morning tragedy at sandy
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hook elementary school in connecticut. investigators are trying to piece together information about the shooter. including what could have motivated him to kill more than 20 people. many of them innocent children. >> the nation as mourning the victims of friday's school massacre in new town, connecticut. the shooter is dead and now authorities have the daunting task of identifying the victims. renee marsh joins us now with the latest. >> the most common question is why. as residents came together at this visual
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friday night. law enforcement continue to piece together what happens. >> we know that this will be mass of and it is a big puzzle that we have to put together. at the center of the puzzle we have the 20 year-old who has been identified as the shooter. he had no known criminal record. he was dressed in black fatigue. >> he was always settle different. he kept hisself. i do not think you could say you could predict this. >> nowhere is this sadness more powerful than the small community.
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>> the press is waiting for a press conference to get under way. about 8:00 we are behind two hours here waiting for an update from law enforcement. they will shed light on what may have led up to this tragic event yesterday. >> the older brother of a suspect in the connecticut school shooting is out of police custodyofryan lanza, was quietly removed out of a police station in hoboken, new jersey last night. he was taken into custody for questioning. his apartment
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was searched. there was a report that he was misidentified as the shooter because his brother was carrying his driver's license. police do not believe that the older brother, ryan lanza, had anything to do with the shooting. they say he has been extremely cooperative spirit >> in the wake of friday's shooting. the debate over gun control is once again been brought up. today, a gun buyback program is happening into bay area communities. kron4 as mike pelton joins us live at the san francisco location. mike, this event was scheduled even before yesterday's shooting. >> this takes place at st. benedict's church. you have to be a san francisco or oakland resident to take part in the program. you have to choose your residence they are bringing
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your driver's license or a utility bill. they will pay you for up to three guns and you can leave up to $600. you have to bring the gun unloaded. they will not collect any ammunition. once they collect all of these guns the police the parma will take the guns and ultimately destroy them. the oakland police department tells us that will melt down the guns and use the metal to creek park benches. >> can you find out if they have been able to show that this has made a difference? >> absolutely, this is the first buyback at this boys club. they stated they dealt directly with use because they do not want them to be
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getting their hands on guns. stay with kron4 dot com as we continue to a give you more coverage. >> we will take a quick look outside checking our own weather. it is looking a little gray outside. it is also potentially chilly. >> it is so cold outside. we are below freezing in a number of areas. as you saw from the live shot we do have a lot high clouds that are associated with the system. here is a look at storm tracker 4. he is picking up just a few spotty showers the rain is off shore right now and it is to the north of us. it will work its way south into the bay area. there is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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this started degrees in fairfield, 32 in livermore. and 33 and santa rosa. the rain will not be a lot but we are looking at scattered showers progress of the week. today we are dealing with visibility issues. drive carefully outside because it is starting to get a little dense with the fog. you should have your windshield wipers and your fog lights on. >> here's a look at the storm is heading our way. we have high clouds that are rolling through the bay area. you should keep this in mind if you plan to be outside this afternoon. when i come back with a time of the storm and let you know how long it will stick around. >> still to come on kron 4
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news. we are waiting for an update on the connected elementary school shooting. there will be a press conference that will be coming. >> we will be right back.
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>> we are back as 7:10 a.m.. >> a deadly highway crash in san mateo county killing three people. one of them was arrested on suspicion of a vehicular manslaughter charges. these are pictures of the scene courtesy of skyes 7 h-d from abc 7 news. the chp says a 10 lexus, parked on the median, was slammed by a black
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volkswagen, south of the edgewood road exit near redwood city. that's on north bound to 80. two women and a man in the lexus were killed. the fourth passenger survived. he was taken to a hospital. the 82 year-old driver of the volkswagen was treated with minor injuries. then, placed under arrest. if the california highway patrol says, it appears that he would speak at the time. >> tense moments friday at a busy south bay shopping mall. the great mall in milpitas was closed for most of the afternoon because of a bomb threat. no bond was some of the mall was evacuated. police say an employee at cole's reported threats was written on the wall of the men's bathroom. all sniffing dogs for also brought in as well as the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. stores reopened around eight last night.
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>> police are investigating a shooting at a busy san rafael transit center early friday afternoon. police were notified, a man had been shot a busy transit center. they say someone with a gun, got out of a gold sedan, and fired a man who was waiting at this platform. the injured victim stumbled away as he tried to a skate and he collapsed. the suspended got into the vehicle and took off. so far, police have been unable to locate the shooter. the unidentified victim is a 22 year-old male. he has taken to a nearby hospital. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. the connecticut shooting affecting students and teachers here in the bay area. we will have coverage on that. but first, live
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look out of a new town where we are still waiting for that news conference to begin. we will be right back.
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>> we are going live with the news conference in connecticut. >> we will release this list and will actually get as we did just that as a request to the family they have asked for you to please respect their privacy because they're already going through a very difficult and trying time. we have in fact a justice who has been assigned a trooper to the family is to help them maintain their solitude. again, i ask for you to please abide by their request. in addition for the town people for newtown,
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conn.. we have established a number for you to call. that number is 2 is20 three3- 270-428203-270 we still have mae working at the state of the school. it has not been completed and the problem will not be completed until another day and have to two days. we're not put in a time limit on this. we have
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done everything that we need to do to peel back the onion layer by layer. we need to examine every crack and a layer of the facility. this does not exclude bows out of the building. the outside of the building is all part of the crime scene including every single vehicle. we actually have three teams, three major crime scene that are working with us. we had a meeting this morning and this was what the super tennis school. she will be here to cooperate with some of the issues that she has encountered. the minute that the medical examiner is finished he will come here and we will again provide all the detail and for
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mission that we can. again, about the pacific questions will only take a few. i have to tell you that there's certain things that we cannot answer. >> there were reports that there were other guns found in the school. >> that is not accurate. the weapon was recovered by the investigators. they get, we're investigating the history of each and every weapon. we will know everything about all the weapons. they are all legally registered. . >> has the modems been determined?
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>> we will allow the medical examiner to come in and provided the identity and all of the deceased. >> were there in their ridings, e-mail's? >> this is a very good question. as a that i can give you is that our investigators at the crime scene and the school did produce a very good evidence in this investigation. they will be able to use this and hopefully pates a better pitcher to halt or to why he did this. >> will not name them evidence and will not talk about the evidence because this is part a the investigation and i did not want another context. >> we have established a
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point of entry and it was that he was not voluntarily let them. but that as far as we can go. >> if you take it out of context sounds suspicious, but as the rescue crew arrived the active shooting team into the school from several different areas and they forced away 10 to get access to save as many students as possible. law- enforcement broke many windows so that it into the building. >> the secondary crime scene was discovered due to domestication and once we
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had an identity of we became a great deal work and again we're pulling back the onion to find out everything about him. we talked to relatives, friends, co- workers to find out the location of its residents. all of these areas had to be examined and we had to interview people. >> we did find a single was disease as a secondary location. >> the detectives will analyze everything to find out why the action came to the school. we are hopeful that it will take a complete pitcher to why this happened. >> she has been treated, she
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will be ver i have been informet are not allowed to answer that. what i like to do is get the next portion today and i do not want to keep you here all day. will like to get the superintended here and the town leaders to discuss certain areas of her responsibilities and then will get the medical examiner up here as quickly as we can. will get the list
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of ids and all the information out to you. >> the lieutenant and i have put together a written comment so please do our rush my vehicle because we will bring you more the next time we come up. this is just the basic details of everything leading up to today. we will try to be back here within ourthe hour. >> it was reported to a german was taken into custody. after the shooting we did a thorough search of the area and everything that we examine of refunding body of the woods they were detained. there were another arrest associate with this.
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>> i will be happy to address this with the super to the schools. >> we will be back and if i do not get here that we will be here in quite some time. i know you do have a lot of questions bought will bring more people here and there will be able to answer some questions for. > you. >> you were listening and saying some of the questions and were being taxed by the state police in connecticut. he only wanted to tell them what he could tell them. he stated that he has to be cautious because the investigation is not over. there bayberry throw.
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they have three major crime scenes helping the mob. they are going back checking everything and they're pulling back every layer which is is an expression. they're even looking at the car is the wrong side of the crime scene. if they're still waiting for the medical examiner to identify the identification of all body spirthe bodies. >> we will be right back.
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>> we are back at 7:30 a.m.. >> we continue to follow the shooting massacre out of new town, connecticut. the tragic event impacted the entire country. 28 people are dead including 20 young children and the gunman. he also killed his mother and then himself. we will talk about a press conference that just took place. he stated that the investigation will take a few more days before is complete. there are even checking the carson or outside of the scene. three major crime scenes are looking into this. they are
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waiting for reports from the medical examiner to provide the identity. they're also investigating the legal history of each and every gun and to find out the effects of the gunmen. >> he also mentioned that the young man was not voluntarily let inside the building. they stated that he found a point of entry some other place. >> we are waiting to hear more. >> there was a candlelight vigil outside of a church and there are many others there are taking place across the country. people are related to the sink.
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hundreds of people stood outside of this church and they held hands and they sang and prayed. one man that survived stated that he heard gunfire. he stated that he felt completely numb. inside of the church-- >> i like to share with you something from pope benedict 16. i was promptly informed of the shooting in newtown, conn. cannot convey my heart felt to grief and my prayers to the victims and their families. to all those of the community of newtown. and after have of this senseless tragedy i ask god to consult all those who mourn. and to sustain the
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communique with strains that will triumph over violence. by the power of forgiveness and reconciling love. for gratitude, for your prayers' i remain yours in christ benedictus extinct. >> president obama today also reacted to the new is. he used his weekly address to talk about the tragedy and connecticut. he said that every parent in america has a hard habit with hard. here is more of the president's address to the nation. >> our hearts are broken today. we grieve for the parents and we do keep the parents of those who survive. as blessed are they are to have their children home they know that their child's innocence have been torn away too early. as a nation, we have endured too many of these tragedies in the last few years. an
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elementary school in new town, a shopping mall, a house of worship and wisconsin. a movie theater in colorado and countless street corners in places like chicago and philadelphia. any of these neighborhoods could be dashed as we have to come together and take action to prevent things like this from happening. regardless of politics. this weekend machel and i are doing with their parents don't. we are holding our children and remind them how much we love them t. arafat is a connected who cannot do that. they need all of us right now. while no one can take the place of day and lost love one week is to extend a hand to them. if we can remind them that we are there for them and we are praying for them. the love that they felt for those of the loss in doors not only in their memory but also in
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the communities. that you, god bless. >> president also ordered flags to be flown at half staf for thepresident obama also ordered flags at all federal buildings to be flown at half staff, as a mark of respect for the victims. flags at the u.s. capitol were also lord, on orders from the house speaker john boehner. >> we are dealing with cold temperatures. it is 30 degrees in fairfield and 32 in santa farrah.rosa. it is warg
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up but not by much. you should keep grumbling handy because satellite and radar shows a system to the north of us. it is slowly starting to work its way into the bay area. here is a wider view right now this will bring us all a little bit of snow. we will have increasing clouds and light rain. it will not do a lot so you do not have to cancel your plans. will have a decrease in showers as we head into afternoon. the fog will return. here is a look of satellite and radar. by 2:00 p.m. we have scattered showers throughout the bay area. if you have plaza 4:00 we are basically love with the if you spenleft w
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your high for today will be 50s all around. 62 degrees for livermore and 51 degrees for hayward. there's 7 day around the bay shows on settled wets weather for the rest of the week. we do have another system that will come in here by monday. if you will get a break on wednesday before a another system comes through on thursday. >> we will be right back.
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>> police say a man and woman are dead after a murder-suicide shooting at a hotel on lost vegas strip. authorities say that the shooting happened about 8:30 p.m. last night at the excalibur hotel-casino. police say a man shot a woman near the front entrance of the hotel. he
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then turned the gun on himself and was found dead at the scene. the woman, who worked at cole's hill, was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. no one else was injured. >> there will be some emergency activity by caltran in redwood city today. but don't be alarmed. it's like a part of a drill. caltran is conducting an emergency preparedness drill all morning long and into the afternoon redwood city. they are doing this on an unused portion of the track near costco at middlefield and woodside rose. nearby residents and businesses will see a train with passenger cars, as well as police and fire personnel and vehicles lights and sirens. >> my daughter is a student there and she is an afternoon can the garden. my
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wife helps with the classroom as well as in the library. on any given that they could all be there and you think about these things emotionally. i just do not know what i would do if circumstances did not turn out. >> we will be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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>> we're back as 7:44 a.m.. >> we have calls from the connection between the shooting. >> authorities have released
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the radio transmission exchanges between emergency dispatchers and first responders from friday shooting. this call came in as the first shots rang out. teachers and administrators scrambled to get the kids to safety as first responders and the police look for a killer. >> it is tough enough for adults to cope with tragedies like this especially when this happens and schools. but as a parent, how do you explain something like this to your children? lisa sylvester has some revised from a psychiatrist on how to help kids cope. >> there are people who
7:47 am
would never be able to wrap their minds around this. this is probably coming to be the worst catastrophe in history. this will be a long term fallout that will impact people emotionally as well as their well-being. the >> this happened at a school where children are supposed to fill said. >> how do explain this? >> it depends on the age of the tjob. one of the things that i tell children is that there are bad people in the world and sometimes they do terrible things. it's terrible thing has happened and there has been children killed and this is terrible but you are safe and you are
7:48 am
in a situation where you will not be hard. >> the american academy of pediatrics stated that you should take into context the age of the child. ask your children but there are reno and then as to their questions. parents can share their own feelings and what the arc open. you should find meaningful ways. >> what really matters now is how we help them understand what has happened and most importantly is the protection and safety that we give them. starting from this moment and for now on. >> for those who witnessed the assault things and collector rise in cover their ears to shut this out. then the time, and love. >> when will continue to follow this tomorrow morning. we will have more on the impact this tragedy has on young children. we will talk to bay area child
7:49 am
psychiatrist dr. wheel cou retenay about the shooting a clue why he says a gender plays a big role in this incident. that is on sunday morning starting at 8:00. coming up on kron 4 news weekend robin will be back with your forecast.
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>> here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. this is associated with the storm that is headed our way. we will continue to see increasing clouds. we do have rain along the way. we will see light showers as we head into the afternoon. the same for sunday. we will start the morning out with patchy fog. we have a few
7:53 am
systems that are on the way and this is the system right now to the north of us. we're just sing a whole lot of cloud cover. your morning will be dry but as you head into the afternoon the system will hit the north bay by 12:00. it will start to sack south and will have light showers. it will molder quickly so you do not have to cancel your plans. >> f 4:00 p.m. we are just love with a few sprinkles and a whole lot cloud cover. it will still be cold. keep your umbrellas handy >> temperatures were not wal-mart are much it will be 50 is all around. here is your 7 day around the bay extended forecast. if basically, we're looking at unsettled weather for the
7:54 am
rest of the week. we will have another one on the way by monday. with also say a brief break on wednesday. >> kron 4 morning news will continue. ♪
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>> a community is a morning after a mass shooting at a connecticut elementary school. if police say a gunman killed 26 people, most of them children, before apparently killing himself at sandy hook elementary school in new town. mike magnoli has more now with reaction from resident. >> i cannot imagine. >> she was relieved to learn that her grandson was not harmed. some people were not so lucky. >> it is a very sad day.
7:58 am
>> this hairdresser was at work when they're rushed by. her shop is now shut down for the day. >> it will be a rough week while the sho. >> this was a described as a area that is normally free of violence. >> this will define this town. >> allied parachuting tragedy's residents realize that it is now where it happened but the ones who are actually lost. >> it does not matter where you are ed it can happen anywhere. >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to give you continuing coverage of the
7:59 am
school shooting. you can also get more coverage on our facebook and twitter page. we will be right back rippl.
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>> it is 8:00 a.m.. >> our top story this morning is tragedy at an elementary school. today we are learning who the victims of the deadly rampage if that took place yesterday at connected sandy hook elementary school. at a press conference this morning, authorities say they have identified all 26 people killed when a gunman opened fire at the school yesterday morning. police say 20 of the victims are just children. >> they say the gunmen,
8:02 am
identified as 20 year-old adam lanza, forced his way into the school prior to the rampage. police believe that lands up also took his own life as well as the life of his mother who taught at the school and whose body was found at the family home. when this is still police that lance the did not speak when he opened fire at the elementary school yesterday. the shooting is the second deadly is in the nation's history. >> as the families of the victims mourn the loss of their loved ones. police are looking into the background of the suspect shooter. kron4 is dan kerman has more on the young suspect and his family. >> we also know that the
8:03 am
suspect killed his mother and he is believed to have killed her at their home before he drove to the school in her car. he was dressed in battle fatigue. he had a military despot. he had three guns. two handguns and rifles. we did find out that additional weapons were found in the school. all of these weapons were owned and registered by his mother. the suspect's brother, here is a video of him. he is 24 years old. he was taken into custody and new jersey and questioned by police. he is not to have been involved in the shooting. he stated that he has been not in touch with his brother and over two years. earlier reporters spoke with a person who grew up with him. >> when i found out that it was someone that i knew was just pathetic. you cannot imagine that someone you know do this. i have known
8:04 am
him since the 12th grade. he has always been reserved, and quiet. i have never noticed anything bought or scary about him. i would have never suspected is for him. this is just someone hold when under the radar and just kept to himself. >> we're also learning that authorities interviewed the suspect's father and he had the suspect's mother were divorced. >> the older brother of the suspect right in has been released from police custody. he was hailed last night and he was taken into custody for che was taken into y for questioning because of the sandy hook elementary school shooting involving his brother. if police do
8:05 am
not believe that older brother, had anything to do with the shooting. they say he has been extremely cooperative. >> this is due to a lot of the violent crimes that were in the bay area. this only applies to san francisco and oakland residents. if you do participate you have to bring your driver's license or a utility bill. i will show you how this will work. it will begin at 10:00 a.m. and run to 3:00 p.m. this have to know. forever working gun that you bring then you will receive $200. that will pay you for up to three guns. so if you bring
8:06 am
in three today you could probably with $600. there will be no questions asked. the gun has to be unloaded. that would not collect any ammunition. you just leave this at home because they're only interested in the guns. once this even wraps up the police department will take the guns they have collected and a ultimately destroy them. the oakland police department's stated that will melt the guns down and they will make a park benches out of them. >> who is supplying the money? >> the oakland police department's stated that most of the money is coming from a private donor. him or she does not want to be said = wants to remain anonymous. >> stay with kron 4 and kron 4 dot com as we continue to give you coverage on the school shooting. you could also get more news and
8:07 am
information on our facebook interface. >> will take a live look outside and check to see if things are clear up. >> we will continue to see increasing clouds as we head into the morning and into the afternoon. it is very cold all-star. if the current temperatures outside is 32 in santa rosa, 33 in livermore, 32 in oakland, and 37 degrees in sunnyvale. it is dry right now we are dealing with a reduced visibility. this has been going back and forth. take a look at novato there visibility has been reduced. if you should have your head lic and windshield wipelights ad
8:08 am
wipers on. we will see an increase of clouds and rain is on the way. it may not start until about 12:00. it will be light so you do not have much to worry about. we will see decreasing showers as we head into afternoon. >> when we return i will let you know how this rain will affect your weekend. >> still to come on kron 4 news weekend a bomb threat shut down a mall in milpitas. here is a live look in walnut creek where it looks a little brighter. we know it is still chilly. we will be right back
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>> we are back at 6:00 p.m.. >> the california highway patrol says criminal charges are being sought against an elderly driver involved in a freeway crash that killed
8:12 am
three people and cause long traffic delays in redwood city. if you are looking a scenes at pictures from skyes 78 sunday and abc 7 news. police say the 82 year-old man was driving a volkswagen on interstate 280 when he car rammed into a lexus and was pulled over on that was pulled over on the side of the road. three of the four people who were in the lexus were killed. the driver of the volkswagen was taken to hospital with minor injuries and then he was later arrested and he is facing charges including felony but hitler manslaughter. >> and no bomb was found after regret prompted an evacuation of part of the great mall in milpitas yesterday. police first learned of the bridge just before 2 board when a cole's employee reported that a
8:13 am
bomb threat had been written on a wall of the man's rest room. police evacuated the building and use the bomb sniffing dogs to search the business but did not find anything suspicious. coles and neighboring stores were allowed to reopen at 8:00 p.m.. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend the shooting rampage at an elementary school in connecticut has schools of the bay area re-evaluated their own safety standards. we would tell you what bay area school officials are doing as a result of this.
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>> we are back at 8:15 a.m.. >> candlelight vigils like the one outside of the church in newtown, conn. are taking place across the country in the wake of yesterday's rampages sandy new elementary school that killed 20 children and six adults. hundreds of people stood outside the st. rose of lima church some of them were holding hands and sang prayers'. one man whose three daughters survived the shooting says that they heard gunshots but they are not talking much about the shooting. he says that they feel completely numb. inside
8:17 am
the church, the monsignor riddle out a message from the vatican. >> i convey my heartfelt to the of victims' families. to all of those and the community of newtown, conn.. in the aftermath of this senseless tragedy i ask god to come so all those who mourned and to sustain the entire community. the gratitude and your prayers and for your presence. i remain yours in christ, benedictus extinct. >> meanwhile authorities have released the radio
8:18 am
transmission exchanges between emergency dispatchers and the first responders from friday's shooting. the call came in as the first shots rang out. teachers and administrators scrabbled to get the kids to say as far as responders of the police look for a killer. >> shortly after that call state police say new town police call the vet about 9:40 a.m. about the shooting reports. >> san francisco's public schools were on high security alert in aftermath of the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. kron
8:19 am
4 urs felicia reid tells us about the school district's response. >> the school ditcher was on high alert and there were not taking any chances after what happened in connecticut. most of these children were killed. >> this is just epidemic with these mass murders. we have to reassure our children. this is exactly what the city is doing. >> the district is allowing parents to speak to their children first but assured them that counselors are at the school and they're ready to help. >> the san francisco school superintendent stated that the schools the way everything possible to keep children safe. different schools were encouraged to go over there crisis plans. >> you should make sure that you are aware and that you
8:20 am
have the protocol is ready. >> there is additional support offered through the weekend. families can dial 311 for help. >> san francisco was not the only one beefing up security. police presence was a noticeably at schools and the east bay as well. this is video from oakland courtesy of skyes 7 h d from abc 7 news. kron 4 urs haazig menu talked with police and the school district. >> we want our tchildren on this campus and the parents to feel that our presence and our school is safe. we will be out to answer any type of questions. >> here you concede officers a roosevelt elementary
8:21 am
school gritting domestic code school. having the police presidenpresents on scene carry it >> a federal grand allowed oakland police to station officers at six campuses in some of the highest crime areas. when it comes to preparing for emergency situations. >> we do deal with a lot of violence here in certain parts oakland so we do have a degree of expertise and readiness. we are able to deal with shooting. this is a fact of life here in this community and we feel that we are well prepared for any type of incident. >> let's take a quick look dull side this morning here is a shot of san francisco.
8:22 am
it is beginning to lift a little bit. it is still cold outside. >> we have increasing clouds. there is a cold front to the north of us. this is right over the your rica area. we are expecting light snow and a high elevation areas. we are just in a lot of cloud cover and chilly conditions. we are in the 30's and '40's right now. if this system will start to work its way south into the bay area. it will hit the north bay first. by lunchtime santa rosa will get a little bit of rain and as we advance to 2:00 p.m. everyone will be getting wet. you do not have anything to worry about because it will be very light. scattered showers are 2:00 p.m. and as we advance the clock at 4:00 p.m. it will start to taper off. we are basically just
8:23 am
love with a lot of cloud cover. as we continue to advance the clock through saturday night into sunday morning we still does have a few spotty showers. this is a very weak system that will be out of here by tomorrow. >> your rain fall total is not very impressive. no one will get over a 10th of an inch. you do not have to cancel your plans. just have your umbrellas handy and keep yourself bundled up. your high temperature for today will be 50s all around the bay. here is your 7 day around the bay extended forecast. it includes a lot rain. there will be a another system a little bit stronger within the next 48 hours. we do get a little bit of a brick for wednesday of next week. it will be low to normal temperatures for next week. >> still, kron 4 news
8:24 am
weekend. two people are dead following a murder suicide a popular loss vegas hotel. we will have that report when we return.
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8:27 am
>> police said this shooting happened on the las vegas strip. they were shot near the entrance and the hotel and the wor found dead at the hotel. and they turned the gun on themselves. >> there are going to be some emergency activities by redwood city. and caltran. caltran is an emergency drills today and redwood
8:28 am
city. they are doing this on the portions of track and are not used near woodside road. businesses will see a passenger car train with police, fire and sirens and lights. still to come on kron 4 news weekend, president obama speaking out about the tragedy in connecticut. we will have that report coming up. first, this live look and san jose where it is looking cool, crisp, clear. we will be back. (music)
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> saturday morning brought new details on this attack at elementary school in connecticut. >> the victims have been positively identified by the officer in the chief state medical examiner. they are still in the process of doing their work. >> there are still plenty of questions but the most common question is why. >> in these times of troubles. the unthinkable happens in our very minute. our faith is tested. >> at the center of the puzzle is adam lanza he had no known criminal record before entering the school. he was found dead in a classroom of by his own gunshot. the victims are being more across the nation at this candlelight vigil at
8:32 am
the capitol friday night. >> everybody in this town knows everybody is not any reason to the that is not going to impact anybody. >> the weekend from president obama was also addressing it. >> also they will be filling it in their communities, there families. >> id is no more palpable than in this small community. >> it is impacted the town, it is impacted the state, the world, the u.s.. it is a horrible thing. like people say, " why "? >> white "and whyhow th- children. child psychologist, tim norman good morning, dr. norman. go to our facebook fan section, good morning. >> we get conflicting messages on how to approach this situation. to let them watch television or not, to shield them and what is the
8:33 am
best message that preparing its need to give to their children? >> the first thing is for parents to listen to what the children are saying and what they've heard, would have imagined. and of course to listen. >> how much is enough and does it depend on the age? what do you say? >> it certainly will depend on the age. you use appropriate language for the aged and acknowledge the reality of the event. and to not go into great detail but it is a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> one of the things are often here is to tell them they are safe. but sometimes that strikes me as an erroneous. is anybody really ever safe? >> we want to restore a
8:34 am
sense of safety. tragedies like this are rare. so we cannot say that we should never ever happen like this again. however, we can reassure them that this is a rare event. we, as parents and is schools, parents, principals will take tremendous pressures to make sure their safety. >> do you allow them to watch the tragedy on television? >> i think it is important to limit that. absolutely watching the footage over and over is re traumataizing.. not have children well on it. >> are there different expectations for different age levels? >> the principles are the same. you listen. you talk.
8:35 am
and you read a short, the appropriate the teenagers are more likely to take it more to heart. and rea sus re they have more of a sense of the enormity. they hire a sense of moral development. and they will be grappling more with the questions of why this could happen. and how could a person perpetrated such an event? >> dr. norman, it is important to talk to them and particularly at a different level. >> absolutely. and to try to restore their sense of idealism. we do not want to give a false sense of assurance that this could never, ever happened to want to reassure them that it is a rare event. there is for more road in the world and evil. there are more human beings like first responders that are doing good work.
8:36 am
that save the lives of children. this type of monstrous act is extraordinarily rare. >> dr. norman, thank you. we will wish you well. >> the list of public massacres continue to grow this was the succulen-second det only it was only six months ago when a gunman walked into a movie theater outside of colorado, in aurora. of the bat and will be and released a canister of tear gas and opened fire. he killed 12 people the former university gr student, james holmes has been killed. and in portland, ore., that shopping mall reopened today. a teenage girl was hurt before the 22 year-old
8:37 am
gunman killed himself on tuesday's attack. friday's shooting is also the coin columbine in 1999. in april, the two students killed 12 students and wounded others. they eventually took their own lives at the school library card law enforcement said that yesterday's attack reminded them too much of columbine. >> we are going to take a quick look outside as we take a look at the weather. the bay bridge is looking lovely. a bright ray, robin? >> that is correct. we do have some high clouds. with 30's, '40's are run the bay area and some rainfall. here is a live look for stormtracker 4. this light band is just moisture from the larger system and a cold
8:38 am
front. is in northern california but it will slowly make its way towards the bay area. make sure you keep your umbrella canand thhany take a look at livermore, san francisco, nev., limited visibility. your headlights and windshield wipers should be on with a reduced speed the fog in be dangerous. take a look at novado, san francisco, keeping your umbrella handy. even 40's and the south bay. you are at 35 degrees in vallejo. ahwe do have rainfall on the will wait is a light system. we are looking at clear conditions we will time it
8:39 am
out on futurecast your kron 4 7 day around the bay and what we can expect for the rest of the week. >> still to come on kron 4 news of violence is th highlight highest in the u.s., a thousand away there was another horrific attack on an elementary school in china. first, this live look outside from san francisco you can see the paper urges overcast. the headlights on the bay bridge, ", chris, we will be back up the be- bridge and crisp bay bridge
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> in central china... police have arrested a man who stabbed 22 children and one adult outside an elementary school on friday. the children are all between the ages of 6 and 11. none of them died, however two had to be sent to hospitals outside the country. no word on the condition of the adult victim, who is said to be an elderly woman. authorities have not identified a motive. there has been a string of similar assaults against schoolchildren in china. one in 20-10 killed
8:43 am
nearly 20 kids and wounded more than 50. they have very strict gun controls in china. 8:42 we are going to check in with jan wahl. >> that is what we are going to do it is a difficult time during this tragedy. but comedy can be something that will make us feel better and give us some health and life goes on. we will talk about the kosher comedy and how much fun it is during the comedy. stay tuned.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
o >> i love this favorite time for the jews. if a hanukkah menorah lots and ticking down and choosing the menorah and burning it home
8:47 am
on my back. it is always the same trouble, getting that big cattle through the door. [laughter] >> even in a time of tragedy, we are looking for laughter. it is important and this is the kosher of comedy. it is a fantastic leap in the jewish evening in a chinese restaurant. you have seen just a little bit of li-sao who is a wonderful hostas and was put this together for 20 years. welcome for >> 20 years of economic believe it for >> what has made you do this? >> and sandy i was going to- eye to have the most ironic experience i was telling jewish jokes and a chinese restaurant and then it came to. >> that is worried jewish people hang out -- that is were jewish people hang out
8:48 am
is a chinese restaurant. and a movie. that is where the tradition came from. >> and what i have gone as it is so much fun at, how kung pow >> with a seven course meal. and a lease eshoo sent in the middle. people will share the meal. you can in surf the entire table will reserve the entire table. we have jewish proverbs. >> will be a yiddish proverb. >> a goat could have a beard but that might not make him a rabbi. and you cannot be at two places at once. >> those are good and of course this is your biggest riddle---dradle and there's
8:49 am
only one hanukkah song [laughter]. >> if you were in a department store they were playing for a hanukkah music you can hear the same song. >> it is so much fun. this is a wonderful event and this is a great t-shirt will you be selling these? >> yes is 'what am i chopped liver?.com judy gold and you and others.. >> it has been incredible. david brenner. the who is
8:50 am
who of jewish comedians. >> everybody doing it together. how can they do that and talk about this during tragedy but everybody laughing or feeling warm can really help. >> it is really like group therapy. if you feel about down you feel better if you go to a comedy show and even as an attendee or a performer. there is always a tragedy which is horrendous. life has to go on. what better way to do this than to get together with other people and laughed. >> this is the kosher comedy december 22nd-20 feather. on pacifica ave. december 22nd-december 25th--kosher will make you feel better during this very challenging time it thank-you, lisa. here is
8:51 am
a wonderfully i want you to see. this is one to check out it is called " any day now " valid confirming allen cumming.. please love, acceptance, family when a child with down syndrome is abandoned by his mother. at this gay couple is determined to adopt them and the a 40's get in the way. it is a the authorities -- get in the way. certainly, i love this is a beautiful film. it is called " any day now " and also hyde park on the hudson. thank you again,
8:52 am
lisa. i will see you at the kosher comedy. ii do not know if this is going to make us smile. it is overcast, robin? >> there is an increase in clouds as we go through this morning is associated with this system. it is over northern california. -and we are mostly dry and dealing with some dense fog. be extra careful if you are trying in the north bay or livermore. this is what is headed our way. it will slowly go self as the go towards this afternoon with the one south.. with moisture. just offshore is not impacting us to much.
8:53 am
petaluma. we are dealing with cold, chilly temperatures. temperatures in the 30's in the north bay in santa rosa, napa. we do have some 40's and santa rosa. oakland and if you're out and santa rosa. 39 increasing clouds and it will taper off for this evening. i will time it out on futurecast. off
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> welcome back this grizzly event at this elementary school. >> there has been hit a shooting in elementary school. sandy hook. >> the intercom came on and she heard a scream, gunshots. >> off duty troopers responded to the school and immediate entered the school and began a complete search of the building for the shooter. >> they had to search and the children were shaken and crying in the closet. >> i saw the bullets going past the home. the teacher pulled me into the classroom. >> and i saw the policeman
8:58 am
come into the classroom and asked if he was in here. >> i disturb the principle was shot, killed and i heard some principle was shot and killed and also pet teach your shot. >> there were 20 children that were killed. six adults were also pronounced dead. >> the siblings just said that they have nobody to play with because their sibling is dead. >> the perpetrator is dead and this individual that the parent, is dead. >> the siblings of the shooter has been taken into custody and he is being questioned. >> we discovered as we are continuing this criminal
8:59 am
investigation. >> i ask god our father, to console all hours and sustain our committee with the community. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable, high speed internet on our advanced digital network. choose from speeds up to 24 megs. [ female announcer ] and with u-verse tv you can record four shows at once on your total home dvr
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. faour top story this morning. >> tragedy at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. investigators trying to piece together information about the shooter. including what could have motivated him to kill more than 20 people. many of them innocent children. good morning everyone. i'm ysabel duron. marty gonzalez is off today. we'll have much more on our top story in a moment. including the latest developments out of newtown connecticut. but first, we want to get a quick check of your forecast with robin. >> good morning.
9:02 am
not only is it cold we also have rainfall. here is a live look we can see the moisture offshore. and rainfall. santa rosa, ukiah. this is from a larger system. this is going to bring cost some serous moisture. we are telling with cold temperatures. keeping your umbrella handy. this afternoon, we will see showers filling and and dry but it is starting to become treacherous. with fog, and make sure you are using slow conditions with the fog. chilly 35 degrees in santa rosa. and still
9:03 am
chilly in livermore. here is what we can expect with dry conditions and for this afternoon, the increase in clouds with light rain. it is a light system with less than one-tenth of 1 in. for most locations. if you have any even in plants with a decrease in shower activity. that fog with and the evening-plans >> the morning after a mass shooting at a connecticut elementary school left almost 30 people dead, more details are emerging about friday's attack. rene marsh index of stories...
9:04 am
>> the many questions about friday's shooting at sandy holt elementary but the most common is why at sandy hook elementary. >> one trouble officials and the unthinkable happens in our very bes---adam lanza has been identified as the shooter who had no known criminal record before entering the school. dressed in black fatigues he was found dead by his own hand. the victims are being mourned at this candlelight vigil at the u.s. capitol friday night. >> everybody knows everybody in this town. >> the president's address focused on the tragedy.
9:05 am
>> the love they felt for those they lost in doors and their memories and their communities and their country. >> know where is their sadness more palpable than the small community. >> it has impacted this town, state call world, it is a horrible thing. and people say why. >> why is the question they are asking and conn. there are still a lot of unanswered questions loading the motive unanswered questions shooting. including the motive behind the killings. very latest is rene marsh in cannot ge connecticut. >> good morning, this just wrapped up. i thought what really stood out was towards
9:06 am
the end of this press conference the lt. asked some questions and they collected could evidence that could possibly lead to painting a clearer picture as to what the motive was behind the shooting. that is reassuring. many people thought that with the shooter dead and so many of the victim's dead... perhaps we may never know. but now this press conference in their words they have good information but there would not elaborate on what that evidence is. >> it was interesting i
9:07 am
heard the comment and i also heard that the schoolmates, people that knew him. there was no sign of of violent behavior. from most of the people that knew him. he was quiet and a bit of a loner. >> exactly. when you hear the people that have gone to school with them. they were familiar. the common thread is that all of them seemed surprised. that he would be able to pull off something like this shooting in children and children between five-10 years old and also killing his mother. people say that he was
9:08 am
enjoying skateboarding, soccer and it added to the mystery what caused him to do what he did according to police, that included killing his mother, taking the guns that are legally purchased and coming to the school and opening fire. but again, it remains to be seen what type of information the police will come up with. >> we will all be listening with that and renee, even if you can answer to the motive is will not be satisfactory. thank you. we will be right back.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> shooting. the debate over gun control is once again being brought up. today, a gun buyback program will take place in two bay kron four's mike pelton joins us live at the san francisco location. mike, this event was scheduled even before yesterday's shooting. this was provided
9:12 am
by an anonymous person. >> that is correct, the requested to remain anonymous. this is the omega boys club. the other is st. benedict's church in oakland. they have arrear range of this room and turned in this to a donation center. it will kick off in one of war and hosted by some news organizations. their goal is to get guns out of the community. >> if you are going hunting that is one of thing but if you are using this in a violent act or a robbery. or it to settle a dispute of that nature that i think that it has to be dealt with. to make sure that these are off the streets. >> this is how it is works today. 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
9:13 am
with these locations. you must be a resident of that city. and proof of residency. you can see officers are riding on the scene. for every working gun that they will give you $200 and pay you for up to the amount of three guns. no questions and did not bring them loaded. this will wrap up this afternoon, the police departments will collect them, destroy them. and while they to not point to any statistics that prove that this decreases violent crime they say that it is common sense. it is one less than that that would fall into the owner of a criminal. >> thank you, mike pelton.
9:14 am
we will be right back.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
>> taken to a nearby hospital. gun control has been a controversial topic for many years. particularly with the gun lobby with the national rifle association. recent mass shooting at the school in connecticut, is said to have had three guns rifle. similar to this one. the president has alluded to the gun control issue. right after that, new york issued a stinging statement enough. we need immediate action.
9:18 am
seen is leadership - not from congress." our political analyst micahel yaki -- to get his insight on the debate. >> the problem is that this comes up and nothing happens. 1994, the assault weapons passed. but no new gun-control legislation. they have spent a ton of money and republicans took the house. it has basically been the status quo. >> let me give you a couple of statistics. these are from australia. the highest honor of gun ownership 88. guns per 100 people is right here in the united states. a 9000 people killed and united states and germany was at second place at 170. we are going to hear the debate that it is not done that' gone back kill people--but
9:19 am
it is the will to kill people. not guns. >> we have a system that is broken as far as how people can get guns it is too easy in the united states. there are loopholes. people say the mentally ill should not get them up but if your adjudicated from the mentally ill you cannot get one. however, the question is that you have to be adjudicated. not only that, you can be mentally ill and make it through the system. the guy who shot gabrielle giffords was and institutionalized. he was in a state and local data base that was not shared with the federal background system. he was able to purchase a gun and killed six people that nearly killed gabrielle giffords. if you go to a gun show there will also not to a back room check. and the supreme court held in 2008
9:20 am
that the second amendment means that an individual has the right to own a gun. with a severe crimp on what the feds can do. if you have a constitutional right to own a gun and what the government can do to restrict that is very, very limited. >> when you limit the ammunition was there a downturn and violence? was that from dianne feinstein? >> that was in " high- capacity " magazine. that was in part of the assault weapons ban and a high- capacity magazine. that is will offer used to kill the group in tucson. one would think that one that would think that congress could do something but that did not happen. right now, what you
9:21 am
hear from some people is that it is not even a high- capacity magazines. it is the fact that guns are becoming better and better at killing people. it is very easy to load and unload. they are talking about perhaps hitting a glock that are light and compact and easy zero load and unload according to expert. you do not need a magazine if you have several clips. >> one of this thing. instead. experts say is that you can take all these things off the streets but you have not dealt with the reason for violence. is that a product problem with society? >> we can talk about the tradition of a revolutionary war, heroes getting their muskets from their fireplaces. to the wild west, and the tradition of the frontier in california.
9:22 am
a quiet her. but there is why --wyett earp... that is something that we will have to issue deal with but is there a way to produce a number of guns. people say that the need a gun for self-defense. >> there are several different laws and different states. we will be following this, thank you, michael yaki. we will take a quick look outside this morning. overcast, cold and even some rainfall, robin? >> that is correct. this is a live look from stormtracker 4. mostly in the north bay, santa rosa that cold front is still hovering. it will slowly make its way south in your
9:23 am
umbrella handy. do not cancel your plan if this week with scattered showers. a weak.. system. the north bay could see that moisture first and pressing towards the south with more widespread activity by 2:00 p.m. but it is light, with less than one-tenth of 1 in.. as we advance the clock it will go towards saturday. we are basically left with cloud coverage and some scattered showers. you do not have to cancel your plans but bundle up. towards sunday, still lingering scattered showers and rainfall totals it not that impressive. nobody is really getting that much. afternoon temperatures will be cool. 50s, bay-area wide, santa
9:24 am
rosa, san francisco and the east bay, livermore, the south bay. and 53 degrees and redwood city. we could see some snow with a couple of inches. if you're going to the sierras. we are looking at an unsettled conditions with more on monday. a bit of a brake on wednesday however midweek could return
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>>this just in to the kron 4 news room we do not have that many details but secretary of state helleri clinton fainted. the details are not known. she has a concussion. and this is out of birmingham, alabama police shot and killed a man that entered a hospital. there are two hospital
9:28 am
employees that were injured that were not life- threatening injuries. an armed man was walking st. vincent's hospital. one man ed shooting. they determined how he was able to enter. still ahead, we have more coverage of the deadly shooting at that deadly event and connecticut. . >> there was a aligned and we had to close our eyes like this. and we had to walk out of the school. >> my daughter is a student there in afternoon kindergarten and my wife does volunteer work there. on any given day to 03 can be in the building. you think about those things
9:29 am
emotionally and it starts to add up. i just cannot the what would happen if those circumstances were to fold unfiled
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> we continue to follow this tragic event and connecticut. 28 people are dead with 20 children. the gunman killed himself, his mother the state police are trying to figure out how the suspect got on school grounds. he forced his way into the building. federal investigators have been visiting local gun ranges but they have not found evidence that the even trained or was an active member of a recreational gun community. this news conference. >> good morning we want to take a couple of moments to bring you up to date on the progress that we have made.
9:32 am
and this investigation. with the chief of police. and the field operations and the state police and my counterpa counterpart. as you know, the victims have been positively identified by the officer, the chief state medical examiner. they are still in the process of doing some of their work. as soon as that is done we will be prepare to release a formal list of names, birth dates and information. there is a couple of major factors. we will release about list and we will ask you like we did yesterday at the request of all of the family members. they have asked for you to please respect their privacy. as you understand, they are going to a very difficult and trying time. we have in
9:33 am
fact the officers and the chief, the colonel, have a signed and continue to assign a trooper to each family. to maintain their solitude. again i would ask you and i am pleading with you because this is extremely hard braking. it difficult. heartbreaking-- >> and also for the townspeople in the town of newton, conn. a crisis intervention teams from yon, new haven hospital has been established in the community. they can be reached via telephone. 203- 270-4283 they are open and available for anybody in the community that might have the need to discuss and talk about this incident. in its entirety. i have the ability
9:34 am
to take some questions and specifically what you to understand that we still have detectives working at the scene at the school. that will probably not be completed for at least one more day. it could take even longer and as i have explained in previous projec press conferences, what we have to do is to peel back the clear, the onion,-- layer by layer, and each crevice inside and outside the building, with each vehicle and the parking lot is going to be a painstaking process. we have three teams and our local partners all were working with us. we will take as long as it is possible. we
9:35 am
had a meeting this morning with the superintendent. she will be in the not too distant future of. to talk briefly about some of the issues that she has encountered. the medical seminar at the minute that they are done, i mean that sincerely they are going to come here and we will provide all of the detailed information. her high relative to what they have done. and what they contribute t to to continue to contribute. as far as actual specific questions i must tell you hop that there are certain things that we are holding close to or just. so nothing is taken out of context. >> there were reports that there were other guns than what was used for found on
9:36 am
school grounds. >> that is not accurate. the ones that were recovered were in close proximity to the deceased. the nature of each weapon we will know about each and who it was legally registered to. that is all being done. >> the motive? >> again, we're going to allow the medical examiner to come in and provide the identity of the shooter. and of all of the deceased. >> have you found any writing, e-mail, messages? of what the motive was. >> that is a good and fair question and the answer i can give you is that our investigators at the crime scene. -have secondarily,
9:37 am
also spoken and produced some very good evidence in this investigation. hopefully, that will complete the picture as to why and more importantly why. >> in the wake of friday's shooting the debate of gun- control is heating up. a gun buyback program will be taking place and two different bay iraq communities. mike pelton into-a-area communities. bay area communities. what startled me in the back on of the highest 80 8.8 t per 100 people. 88.8 t per 100 people. on gun
9:38 am
websites. >> one is the st. benedict church and the other is the oracle boys' club. this will begin and about 30 minutes, this will be a drop-off. it is hosted by couple of youth organizations. their main goal is to get guns off the streets in the community. >> one of the things that we stand for is that gun is a risk factor for violence. that will usually cancel any option for a peaceful resolution >> this is 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. if you go to one of these locations you must be a resident and prove that you are resident. to bring proof of residency. och you will receive $200 for every
9:39 am
working firearm. bring it, with no ammunition. and they are finishing these preparations and waiting for this to get under event. once this wraps up they will take this and ultimately destroy these guns. they do not want this to show this as a gun control event, they want to just get these off the streets. participants will get money before the holidays. >> that sounds like a good proposition.....
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> welcome back. tire chain laws in effect for the high country. temperatures outside the door are cold. bundle o1/5up 39 in vallejo. not only is it cold but dense fog. portions of the north bay the visibility is slowly improving. you will need to use extra caution. for chilly this morning, and i light rain expected. i will let you know what to expect and time it out on futurecast. >> the time is 9:42 jan? >> that is correct even in
9:44 am
these tragic, challenging troubled times there is a way to find joy and also a movie from bill murray.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> joy after 50 a womans guide to passion it is a workbook. and it will help you with all types of questions in reflection on that story. what you are grateful for. we forget to acknowledge that. and connie is the author. >> let me say that in light
9:48 am
of the tragedy that has gone on in the news right now. there has never been a more important time for us to lift ourselves out of this despair, the persian. the reason i wrote this book is that it is scientifically proven that there are very simple practices that you can integrate. that i saw in my psychotherapy patients that were able to revitalize a passion and purpose in their life. there are simple practices that we can do like kindness. every day. practice and act of kindness. express your gratitude. hundreds of these simple practices are in the box and what i would like to say most. it is the ability. practices are in the -- book. it is a key to resilience. when we come from a place of joy my 14
9:49 am
year old nephew said that he lost hope. and why this material and practices are so important. because i had a strong interest. and i could encourage him and give them comfort, hope. i also think that older woman can touch woman with inner strenght with hope and challenge >> i found that some of these exercises in this book was also good for men. >> i am glad the u.s. mention that, and even couples and a 15 year-old boy is reading this book is universal. these are scientifically proven out of the research and these are simple, easy to do. >> it is called a join---joy
9:50 am
after 50 for women n and /book and order from amazon.. it would give a great exercise is to make you feel better about the world. >> no matter what. >> hyde park on hudson: it's a single weekend in june, 1939. president franklin and first lady elanor roosevelt queen of england at the roosevelt upstate new york estate. this would be enough on its own, had fdr and eleanor been given depth and the movie has to do with fdr as a lecherous manipulator and eleanor is only present for about five minutes. the female we
9:51 am
follow in the movie is franklin's third cousin, played by a bland laura lainney. maybe she's a bit dim because she is just thrilled to be in his presence, maybe he's intimate with every woman he meets because he has nothing else to do. bill murray is fine but the film is a waste of what could have been a smart story instead of a unbelievably sexy soap opera. fdr is afar more than this. two hats. any day now, flight, life of pi, argo, the sessions, lincoln canada
9:52 am
county, thank you for joining connie clark. >> those were also nominated for golden globes, you can go to the movies of this cold and crisp day. >> absolute, we have some rainfall... but a relatively mild storm and slowly starting to work its way towards the bay area. here is a live look with moisture that is still hovering over northern california. we have a timed
9:53 am
it out on futurecast. the morning will be dry but as we look for this afternoon, the increase with clouds and rain fall. the showers, not heavy rainfall. less than one-tenth of 1 in.. as we advance this. be scattered showers and for this afternoon and to this evening. by 4:00 p.m., just showers that could be spotty over the qaeda peninsula. rainfall totals not that impressive. the ukiah--with the high temperatures at 50s not that warm. and if you plan on being outside, prepare. 50s through richmond, and santa rosa. and also a couple of inches possible in the sierras. and
9:54 am
of unsettled conditions with a bit of a break mid-week but scattered showers towards friday. stay with us.
9:55 am
9:56 am
www.kron4.com3 >>this just in to the kron 4 news room there has been a quadruple shooting on international boulevard in oakland. they have the tamed some people but the are not sure if they are witnesses or suspects. one more live look at connecticut. there could be in other news conference will continue to learn as they unravel the details. they are trying to learn more about the shooter. investigators found some evidence that could understand his motives but
9:57 am
they are not elaborating. there are three teams investigating. we will be continuing to bring you updates. and for all of us. i'm ysabel duron. for all of us thanks for watching. join us for kron4 news weekend tomorrow morning and tonight for kron 4 news at eight. (music) (music) (music) and do [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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